Welcome to Myrtle Grove Mornings–where we chronicle life in the slow lane and keep track of the adventures of the ladies of the Myrtle Grove Garden Club mystery series.

The rural, lake country town of Myrtle Grove, Oklahoma, is the settingĀ for the cozies, populated by a group of ladies of a certain ages (or ages), who are friends, family and co-workers, and who join together to save the world one book at a time.

Along the way they cook, garden, antique, drink a little wine (and the occasional killer daiquiri) and solve a murder or two, guided by the inquiring mind of Jesse Camden, renaissance woman and the hub around which the band of self-appointed sleuths revolves.





13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Tony Lewis

    i really enjoyed murder mayhem and bliss. It was very interesting no clues to who did or didn’t do it and looked forward to finding the culprit. Good job keep it up.

  2. Loulou Harrington Post author

    Thank you, Tony. I appreciate your comments and am glad you enjoyed Murder, Mayhem and Bliss. The follow-up book, Murder Most Thorny, is in its final edits and should be out sometime in the spring.

  3. Betty

    This sounds like a great book and I love the cover! I look forward to reading it! Thank you for the fantastic contest!

  4. Marcy X

    i do like a sleuth team made up from several people of all ages. this gardening club series is now on my list of favorites.

  5. Sandy Todd

    I couldn’t find a link on Kathy’s blog where you were being interviewed so I googled you. Now I have you on my radar! Thanks for the chance to win your new book.
    Sandy in So. Cali

    1. Loulou Harrington Post author

      Thank you, Sandy. It’s wonderful for you to go to so much trouble. There should have been a link, but things don’t always work the way they are supposed to. Good luck with the giveaway.

  6. Connie

    I don’t normally read mysteries however I’m always up for the adventure of reading a different genre! Thanks for the chance to win your mystery book. I enjoy vintage items too.

  7. Maria

    I loved Murder Mayhem and Bliss! I so appreciate the different ages, lifestyles and personalities of all the women in the Myrtle Grove Garden Club. I look forward to spending more hours with the ladies. Thank you for your originality

    1. Loulou Harrington Post author

      Thank you so much, Maria. I really enjoy writing the series. Books 2 and 3, Murder Most Thorny and Murder on a Silver Sea are out and available on Amazon. Book 4, A Misty Morning Murder, is almost finished and should be on sale this winter. I really enjoy hearing from readers and appreciate your taking the time to write to me. Hope your holiday season is terrific and you have a happy 2017.


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