Winter through a window

Winter through a window

My room is simple. It has a desk, a small laptop, and a mid-century rocking chair with lots of room, a high back, and comfortable cushions. I can sit with my legs crossed yoga-style, put my keyboard on my lap, lean back and write, which is what I do, write, that is. Cozy mysteries specifically, set in Myrtle Grove, a rural town in the lake country of Oklahoma. So a cozy, peaceful setting that lets my mind flow freely is important. And that’s why the room itself isn’t so important. The two big windows on the outside walls, and the views outside the windows are what’s important.

The big cedar with a bed of hostas and coral bells at its base–the hummingbird feeder with the ruby throat who visits it–and the sweeping, terraced flower bed beyond are the views from the room that allow my heart and mind to soar. Imagination takes me through the windows and into the world beyond, and nature is my touchstone to the soul.  


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