Gardens of Notre Dame

notre dame
I recently spent a couple of weeks in Europe. I saw a lot of beautiful things, unbelievable architecture, ruins from ancient Rome, medieval cities with their walls still surrounding them, but amid it all, there were gardens. I went to Notre Dame in Paris, and most of my pictures were of the flowers surrounding it.

In fact, among the most impressive things I saw in Paris were the many, large elaborate gardens that were filled each day with the people of the city. Older couples sat quietly on benches. Mothers watched their children at the playgrounds. People relaxed around the fountains, lounging in chairs while birds swam and young boys sailed wooden boats. The surrounding trees were tall and lush, and the wide paths were lined with limestone pebbles. Whatever time of day we went, the clean, well-maintained parks were filled with citizens and tourists alike quietly enjoying themselves in the obviously much used and cherished gardens.

So, if you have a chance to visit Paris, be sure to take a stroll, find a garden, and relax awhile. Pull up a chair and nap by a fountain, or throw a few crumbs to the birds. If you’re patient, the sea gulls will catch bread crusts from your fingertips as they fly by.

flowers notre dame

nd flowers1


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