Formal Garden of Versailles


Ordinarily I’m not a big fan of formal gardens. English country is more my style, and the more informal the better. However, I’ve always heard that the Palace of Versailles was where formal gardens reached their zenith, and having seen this one, I have to agree. I had already walked down lanes lined with boxwood clipped to towering perfection, gazed upon fountains of unbelievable size and grandeur, and strolled through impressive areas surrounded by statuary that were a living classroom in the art of impact through repetition. I thought I had seen the best that Versailles had to offer before I decided to explore one more path and gaze over one more terrace railing, just to see if there might be one more thing worth seeing. And there below me was a reward that took my breath away and left me staring in amazement. A picture can’t do it justice, but I took one anyway. I’m all about flowers, and there wasn’t a flower in sight, but it didn’t matter. It was beauty, symmetry, peace and poetry.

I still may not be a huge fan of formal gardens, but there is one that has my heart and always will. And I am infinitely glad I heard it whispering to me and sought it out.


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